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Hosting a Party, How it Works and the Benefits

We often receive questions asking how exactly a party works and what are the benefits of hosting one. There are several different reasons to host one, such as a Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party and simply just a fun Girls’ night out with the girls.  The parties in general are done the same way, with the exception of games played (depending on the type of party, games are geared towards that). All parties start with an experienced consultant coming to your own home, or place of party, to meet you and your friends. They will then begin setting up the display of lingerie and products for you to view. Once everyone has arrived at the party, the consultant will then introduce herself and start the party off with a fun ice-breaker game. Order forms are then passed out for you to keep track of your favorite products as the demo is done. She will then explain that your left hand/arm will be used for all the edible products and the right everything else. You will have a chance to smell, taste and experience all the products throughout the night. Each consultant will have a full collection of lingerie with them the night of the party for you to try and take home with you that night. This is often a great selection of pieces that are not offered on the website and can only be purchased at a party. These pieces will be passed around at the beginning of the party and you will be able to try them during the break or after the demo. The party will start off with all the lotions, creams, massage items, arousal balms and then work into the games, books and position aids. This is usually where a couple more games are played. There will then be about a 10-15 minute break while the consultant sets up for the “toy” portion of the party. She will then explain each toy, its functions and pass it around for each person to view. After the toy portion is complete, the consultant will ask if anyone has any questions and explain how the ordering process will be done. All orders will be done in a private room, so any questions can be addressed and your order will be confidential. Each consultant carries their own stock and products will be delivered the night of the party. Sometimes, due to popularity, items run out and need to be ordered. If this happens, your items will be either hand delivered or mailed discreetly within 5-7 days. There are usually great booking incentives if you were a guest at the party. This is also your opportunity to book and host your own party and earn your own FREE SHOPPING SPREE!

The benefits of hosting a party are endless. As the evening’s Hostess you’ll receive 10% of your parties total in FREE PRODUCTS! A $500 party would earn you $50.00 in FREE products! Plus your receive Hostess Only buys and gifts, depending on the incentives for that month. For instance, one month might be for every $200 spent at your party, you receive a free piece of lingerie. Another perk is for every party that gets booked at your party; you will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend at their party or after their party is held.


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