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Let Me Show You The Way- Triple7Treasures.com

Let me show you the way: teaching and learning    In various ancient cultures, special women in a tribe or civilization would initiate young men into sexual expertise, training them how to be good lovers. The same applies to this type of fantasy, though perhaps in more common settings. For some women this genre can [...]

Backdoor Boogie- Triple7Treasures.com

Backdoor boogie: hot, undiscovered pleasure with anal sex   Anal sex connects to one of the body’s key pleasure zones and can feel as though a woman is breaking a taboo. In addition to the visuals in her own mind, anal sex fantasies are easy to help fulfill with fingers or toys if a willing [...]

Some like a crowd- Triple7Treasures.com

Some like a crowd: threesomes and group sex  A very popular fantasy category, three-way encounters and group sex tend to fall into a few broad areas. With threesomes, some women fantasize about double penetration, while others envision penetration while another man performs cunnilingus. In any such scenario, the woman’s pleasure is paramount, with the men [...]

Screaming for more – Triple7Treasures.com

Screaming for more: the turn-on of having an audience        Whether with a single, passive voyeur or a stadium of cheering crowds, many women fantasize about being watched. It is an opportunity to be seen for her true womanhood – open, wild, uninhibited, sexy – and loved for it. Better yet, the power that comes [...]

Master and servant – Triple7Treasures.com

Master and servant: the erotic power of domination   For some women, power is the most potent aphrodisiac of all, where they can take command of their environment in ways they may not feel are possible in their normal lives. By commanding a man to perform certain acts, such as cunnilingus, she gains the extra [...]

Body and soul: bisexual or lesbian fantasies- Triple7Treasures.com

Body and soul: bisexual or lesbian fantasies Fantasies of sex with other women focus on tenderness and sensuality. They often fulfill missing elements of sex with men, where the woman feels what it is like to be with another soft, gentle lover who knows just how to set her passion on fire. In addition, many [...]

Strangers in the night – Triple7Treasures.com

Strangers in the night: sex that always feels like the first time For many women, great sex involves liberation from inhibitions or separation from the identities of their real lives. By losing identity in a fantasy, sex loses boundaries and creates the fresh buzz of being with someone for the first time. A woman can [...]

Power exchange: sex with men in uniform- Triple7Treasures.com

Power exchange: sex with men in uniform Uniforms equal power and authority, but also men who serve the public and…women! This form of role-playing often involves a woman being rescued and ravished by a man who can take charge in bed – firemen are popular. On the other side of the power coin, some women [...]

What Tickles Your Fancy – Triple7Treasures.com

What tickles your fancy? Women have a rich, diverse world of fantasies – more than most of their lovers or friends realize. In the next few days we will bring you 12 ideas from Dr. Sadie Allison that will show you what’s going on in women’s minds, but also inspire you to create new worlds [...]

Meeting Dr. Sadie Allison – Triple7Treasures.com

Author Dr. Sadie Allison 2012 Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. During Triple7Treasures.com’s visit to the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show held at the Rio Hotel and Casino this year we had the pleasure of meeting Author Dr. Sadie Allison. We have been huge fans of her series of books which include such titles as Ride’em [...]