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Let Me Show You The Way- Triple7Treasures.com

Let me show you the way: teaching and learning    In various ancient cultures, special women in a tribe or civilization would initiate young men into sexual expertise, training them how to be good lovers. The same applies to this type of fantasy, though perhaps in more common settings. For some women this genre can [...]

Come Do me on the wild side – Triple7Treasures.com

Come Do me on the wild side: erotic encounters in public spaces   There are many scenarios that fit into this fantasy genre, from wide-open fields and forests to sex at the office. Though natural settings can have the association of living in a primal state, with its affiliated simplicity and rawness, the most common theme [...]

Show me the money – Triple7Treasures.com

Show me the money: getting paid for getting laid   As a variation of an audience or commanding power over their lovers, some women fantasize about working as a well-paid prostitute. More than being compensated, such fantasies often involve elaborate settings and wealthy patrons with the ability to bring her to explosive orgasms. As with [...]

Give me your latex love – Triple7Treasures.com

Give me your latex love: strap-ons and wild, erotic toys     A wild and fun fantasy category, strap-on sex and related toys often work in two directions. First, women see themselves penetrating their male lovers, thriving in the power of an erection and seeing his vulnerability as he gets a dose of his own medicine. [...]

Tie me up, Do me Hard – Triple7Treasures.com

Tie me up, Do me hard, and set me free: non-consensual sex Sometimes known as “rape fantasies,” these are not about violence but about a woman compelled to experience pleasure against her will. Held captive or physically overpowered, a rough, attractive stranger will drive her to orgasm or coerce her into performing acts she might normally [...]

Pleasure Tips From Dr. Sadie Allison

Step 1: Show More Appreciation:  How easily we forget all the little things that enhance romance. Try getting back to basics: hugs, kisses, massages. In a word, touch! Listen more, talk less and laugh together like there’s no tomorrow by reminiscing about fun times together. Team up to close any gaps that may have come [...]

Hosting a Party, How it Works and the Benefits

We often receive questions asking how exactly a party works and what are the benefits of hosting one. There are several different reasons to host one, such as a Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party and simply just a fun Girls’ night out with the girls.  The parties in general are done the same way, [...]

Bachelorette Parties Phoenix

Triple7Treasures.com is ready to book your Bachelorette parties in Phoenix today. Get the girls together and take a look at all the newest in Lingerie, Costumes, Sex Toys, Lotions, Message must haves and much much more! Get your Bachelorette exactly what she wants or get her a gift certificate and she can shop in private [...]

How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type

How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type For many women, lingerie is about feeling sexy. Whether wearing for yourself or your partner, there are many of choices out there. The number one thing to remember is, sexy is an attitude. If you don’t feel sexy, you can’t be sexy.  First make sure you choose [...]

How do I masturbate with a silver bullet

Question How do I masturbate with a silver bullet? I recently bought a silver bullet, Im not too sure on how to use it to masturbate or what would be the best way to get pleasure from it, this is my first sex toy so i am quite naive when it comes to this, suggestions would be [...]